PCAR Rocklin Marketing Meeting


Rocklin Marketing Meeting

PCAR Conference Center
270 Technology Way, Suite 1000, Rocklin

Take direct action to improve your sales and grow your career with our weekly Rocklin marketing meeting. Rocklin Marketing Meetings are scheduled for every Tuesday at 8:30am. Below is a list of dates that there is no regular Rocklin Marketing Meeting.

  • February 21st - President's Day Week
  • May 30th - Memorial Day Week
  • July 4th - Fourth of July Holiday Week
  • September 5th - Labor Day Week
  • October 31st - Auburn Joint Marketing Meeting Week
  • November 21st - Thanksgiving Holiday Week
  • December 19th - Christmas Holiday Week
  • December 26th - New Year's Holiday Week

Caravan Tour Information

All areas are toured every week. These areas include:

  • 95765
  • 95677
  • 95678
  • 95747
  • 95661
  • 95746
  • 95677
  • 95650
  • 95663
  • 95648
  • 95681

Additional Information

PCAR staff may split the tour according to the number of houses on the caravan that week. You must go to every home on tour for your caravan in the order that they are printed.

Tour Requirements:

  • Home must be in the area reflected in Prospector that is being toured.
  • You must be present at the meeting to pitch your listing. Not doing so will delete your home from the tour.
  • You must participate in touring all homes.

To Add Your Listing To The Caravan:

  1. Login to Prospector
  2. From the Listings drop-down menu, choose View/Revise Your Listings
  3. Next to the desired listing number, click the Revise icon
  4. In the Revise Listing menu (under Listing Information), click Caravan Dates
  5. From the drop down list, select the desired Caravan. If desired, enter a comment.
  6. Click Save
  7. You’re Done!

To View Or Print The Caravan:

  1. In Prospector, from the Listings drop-down menu, choose Caravan
  2. Select a Caravan by clicking its check box
  3. Click the Reports button
  4. Verify the listings you want to display are checked
  5. Click the Report button in the toolbar
  6. Use the Report Option field to choose the type of report you want
  7. Click Submit

Contact To Learn More:

PCAR Staff Contact
Dia Divine
(916) 303-2430

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