The Board of Directors, LGR Chair Rick Bluhm and Government Affairs Director Susan Rohan want to give the membership an update on the status of resolution on the Rocklin sign problem. The matter was discussed at the City Council meeting Tuesday night. Progress is being made. The Council has directed staff to study ways to make the ordinance’s intent more clear. It sounds like there is intent for it to function like Roseville’s Sign Ordinance, but until it is inked, it is a work in progress. LGR and your GAD will continue to monitor and participate in this effort.

The large number of true sign violations is complicating resolution for all parties attempting to find the right solution. The heavy reliance on placement of duplicative marketing signs at intersections and along major roadways is compounding the challenge of ensuring the Sign Ordinance will allow temporary offsite directional signs. Also, it is critical for the membership to not place signs in the public rights of way—that means on the streets or on the sidewalks. Place signs on private property only after you have the consent of the private property owner. And do not place signs closer than 30 ft from an intersection. These parts of the law will not change. Compliance with these rules will keep you out of harms way nearly everywhere you do business. Please feel free to contact Susan at 916-412-4796. Members are also welcome to attend the next LGR meeting at 2:30 PM on July 21st at PCAOR where this item and next steps will be discussed.