The HOA at Sun City Roseville has moved forward with actions to impose a new fee of $1500 to be collected outside of escrow. The fee, which is projected by the HOA Director to go into effect on October 1 st, 2017, is proposed to cover the cost of the use of the non-public amenities managed by the HOA. New buyers who choose not to pay the fee will only have public access to the restaurant and golf course. This proposal is different than the fee collected at Sun City Lincoln Hills because the Lincoln fee is through escrow.

The HOA anticipates it will conclude its actions on this proposal and be able to layout the final details in about 30 days, though the implementation is expected to occur October 1, 2017.

Your GAD, Susan Rohan, suggests that you discuss disclosure related issues associated with the HOA’s deliberations with your broker.

For additional information, contact Sun City Roseville’s HOA Executive Director Earl Wiklund at 916-774- 3862.