What is going to make your home more inviting, more home-like then the other homes on the market? Make sure you consider that the way you use the space in your home and yard will likely not be the way the buyer will be using the same space. You need to help the buyer mentally move into your home. This means clearing out all things like personal mementos and collections.

Wash every surface in the house. Even if it isn’t spring, do a spring-cleaning. Wouldn’t you rather move into a clean house? Doesn’t it make you feel that the home has always been well cared for? Polish counters; wood paneling and wood floors, clean the windows and have the rugs and drapes cleaned. Organize all visible spaces from closets, cupboards to your garage. Toss it, store it, or sell it. Make the areas look bigger by having less in them.

Little touches like fresh flowers make a big difference. Set your dinning room table for a company dinner. Turn on all the lights, soft music and light fragrant candles. Do not be at home when the Real Estate Agent comes to show your home, let the buyer feel free to imagine how it might be to live in this home.

Make sure that when your home is shown to a prospective buyer that it will be the best home on the market in your price range.