Even before you put your home on the market, you need to start putting a plan in place.  These tasks need to be planned ahead of time.  Everyone likes to move on the weekend or holiday, so make sure you will have a moving company or rental truck lined up to move out of your present home.

8 Weeks Before You Move

bullet If you are using a professional mover, get estimates in writing from moving companies.  Discuss costs, packing, loading, delivery and the claims procedure with your mover.
bullet If you are moving yourself, get estimates from truck rental companies.
bullet Be SURE you reserve in advance.
bullet Draw a floor plan of your new home and make notes of where you want your furniture placed.
bullet Use up food in your freezer 
bullet Remember you can’t move flammable household cleaning products, etc.

6 Weeks Before You Move

bullet Inventory all of your possessions now.  Determine what can be donated for a tax deduction, sold or given to a family member.
bullet Gather important records such as medical, lawyers, accountants, insurance, car/boat, camper registration, veterinarians, etc. to hand carry to your new home.
bullet Transfer your children’s school records.
bullet Make sure you understand the tax-deductible moving expenses (call your accountant), and set-up record keeping for these expenses.

4 Weeks Before You Move

bullet Will you need storage for a short term near your old or new residence?  Make these arrangements now.
bullet Do you need to have a garage sale?  
bullet If you are moving yourself, figure out how many boxes you will need.  Many of the moving companies have web sites with calculators that can help you determine that number.  Many truck rental companies have boxes for sale.

3 Weeks Before You Move

bullet Gather packing materials including: furniture pads, newspapers, hand truck/dolly, scissors, utility knife, packing tape, bubble wrap, felt tip markers, and, of course, boxes.
bullet Begin packing things that you don’t need everyday.  
bullet Call the utilities in your new community to arrange a start date and the utility companies in your present location to arrange a stop date.
bullet Do you need to make travel/hotel reservations?

2 Weeks Before You Move

bullet Transfer your bank accounts to a branch in your new location and make sure that you transfer or cancel any direct deposits or automatic payment arrangements on your current bank accounts. 
bullet Make arrangements for pets — ask the vet how to make them more comfortable before, during and after the move.
bullet Transfer all medical prescriptions to pharmacy in new location.

1 Week Before You Move

bullet Defrost your refrigerator and freezer.
bullet Arrange for cash, a certified check, or money order ready to pay the mover on delivery day.
bullet Pack valuables and legal documents to go with you not on the truck.
bullet Pack clothes, toiletries, prescriptions, emergency numbers and family members phone numbers to be kept with you.
bullet Pack the “Emergency Kit”  including:  Coffee/tea  maker and supplies, coffee cups, paper plates, plastic utensils, soft drinks, water, snacks, soap,  bath towels, trash bags, scissors, utility knife, toilet paper, shelf liner, pencils and paper, masking tape, and toiletries kit.

Moving Day

bullet Pack your pillows, bedding, etc. in the top dresser drawer so you know where the linens are and you don’t have to look through boxes.
bullet Make a list of every item loaded.
bullet Before you sign, read the Bill of Loading.  Keep it in a safe place until you receive all your goods.  You will need the Bill of Loading until after the charges are paid and any claims settled.
bullet Make sure to turn off all utilities.
bullet Make arrangements with your agent to leave the keys and garage door opener(s) inside the house.
bullet Lock all doors and windows.

Delivery Day

bullet Vigilance is important at this point — Check off all boxes and items as they come off the truck.  Examine everything.
bullet Install new locks.
bullet Make sure utilities are hooked up.
bullet Put out “comfort toys” for the children and pets.
bullet Congratulations, your new life is just beginning.