How Long Do Things Last?

The general expectancy of properly installed products that are well maintained:

bullet Dishwasher – 10-12 years (Keep drains clear of debris by pre-rinsing dishes)
bullet Range – 19 years gas, 17 years electric, (Keep area directly below range lined with foil)
bullet Garbage Disposal - 6-15 years (Avoid contact with hard objects; use cold water)
bullet Bathtub – 50 years cast iron, 10-15 years fiberglass
bullet Water Heater – 14 years electric, 11-13 years gas (Drain 3-4 gallons from tank each year)
bullet Wood Deck – 15 years (Paint or preservative each two years)
bullet Roof – 15-30 years asphalt, wood shingles and shakes (Shakes preserved every 5-7 years), 50-100 years slate and tile, 5-15 years rolled, 10-20 years tar and gravel
bullet Siding - 50 years vinyl, 20-50 aluminum, 10-100 years wood (depending on moisture)
bullet Sink – 8-10 years enamel steel; 25-30 years enamel cast iron or porcelain
bullet Counter Top – 10-15 years laminate, lifetime ceramic tile
bullet Exterior door with protected overhang – 80-100 years
bullet Garage door opener – 10 years
bullet Cooper wiring – 100 years
bullet Sealer, silicone and waxes – 1-5 years
bullet Paint – 5-10 years wall and trim, 7 years exterior
bullet Ducts – 30 years galvanized, 15 years plastic
bullet Swimming Pool – 18 years
bullet Trash Compactor – 8-15 years
bullet Wallpaper – 7 years
bullet Carpet – 11 years
bullet Brick, Stone Wall – 100 years
bullet Gravel Walk – 4 years
bullet Concrete Walk – 24 years
bullet Drywall –30-70 years
bullet Microwave – 11 years

If the appliances and materials in your home exceed this time, it may be necessary to replace the worn out products.  Your Real Estate Agent can explain the best way to proceed.



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