Legislative Day is right around the corner! Mark your calendars and register to attend this remarkable event where your fellow REALTORS unite in downtown Sacramento to make a difference and continue the fight for private property rights and the real estate industry. To register for Legislative Day, e-mail Jessica Morales at jmorales@pcaor.com.

You can also get involved with our very own REALTOR Action Fund (RAF) Awareness campaign where two winners will receive a $200 visa gift card and one winner will receive a $100 visa gift card. All you have to do is contribute at least $20 to RAF and you will be entered to win one of the visa gift cards or contribute at least $49 to get a free ride on the PCAR express bus to Legislative Day on April 22nd.

Why Support the REALTOR Action Fund?

RAF has helped preserve Dual Agency, has prevented Point of Sale Retrofits and still we continue fighting Mortgage Interest Deductibility.

The GOOD: We have been able to avoid 1. $225 Per-Transaction Recording Fee (Transfer Tax): CAR stands ready to fight any future proposals! 2. 3% independent contractor withholding: 3 times within the last 5 years the legislature has proposed an acceleration of income tax payment in the form of 3% withholding. 3. Service Tax: Sales tax on services including ALL real estate related services.

The BAD: GSE & Mortgage Reform: This could significantly increase down payment requirements, limit the amount of mortgage money available, and raise interest rates! POINT OF SALE: Point-of-Sale: Point-of-Sale mandates are always a threat… stay tuned! INCREASED RECORDING FEES: This will return as the state struggles to find revenues to replace expended one time housing bond monies with an ongoing revenue stream.

The UGLY: What will your business look like if these threats become a reality?

Make a difference and contribute TODAY!

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