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  • Affiliate Committee Canned Food Drive-Ends August 31st

    We are already a couple weeks away from the end of the Affiliate Committees 1st Annual Summer Food Drive! Help us fill up the bins one last time!  Thank you to all of our members and community who have already Read More
  • 2017 President, Debbie Newton

    Licensed since 1999 and a REALTOR member of PCAR since 2000, Debbie has followed in her father and past PCAR President, Joe Newtons footsteps by plugging into the Association and becoming very well known in the real estate community. “I’m Read More

    Did you know that in the past 5 years PCAR REALTORS have donated a total of $212,750.00 to local charities? PCAR REALTORS not only work in Placer County, they give back by volunteering their time, resources and money. For more Read More
  • Honorary Member-Alicia Higgins-Lewis

    Alicia Higgins-Lewis was honored with the 2016 Honorary Member of the Year award at this years Board of Directors Installation. The Honorary Membership is an award given to a member of the Placer County Association of REALTORS who has been a member of Read More
  • Affiliate of the Year-Marc Fletcher

    Marc Fletcher was honored with the 2016 Affiliate of the Year award at this years Board of Directors Installation. The Affiliate of the Year award is the highest honor given to an Affiliate member of the Placer County Association of REALTORS. The Read More
  • REALTOR of the Year-Geoffrey Poulos

    Geoffrey Poulos was honored with the 2016 REALTOR of the Year award at this years Board of Directors Installation. The REALTOR of the Year award is the highest honor given to a REALTOR member of the Placer County Association of REALTORS. Read More
  • REALTOR Action Fund Video

    Why should you support the REALTOR Action Fund? How do your RAF contributions make a difference? Who advocates on your behalf? Watch this video to find out how your RAF contributions are used locally, statewide and nationally... Read More
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Tip for the Week of April 12th, 2010- The Search Man-File Search

11 Apr 2010
The SearchMan – Advanced Windows File Search Utility
the searchman Need to find a particular file on your computer? Well, if you have thousands of files, this can become a tedious task, especially if you are using Windows XP, which has horrible built-in support for search. The SearchMan is a free portable app that lets you search the contents of your entire computer super fast. It has a lot of advanced search features and is super light-weight. The SearchMan
Gary Kramer (916) 203-8892 Visit My Website Properties Online, LLC 1820 Empire Industrial Ct., Suite C Santa Rosa, California 95403

Tiny URL &

05 Apr 2010
Tech Tip for the Week of April 5th, 2010      Two goodies for your bag of tricks- 1.   -Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you’ve come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field below, we will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires. 2. – The idea of this website is to make your name easy to pronounce. The dictionary does not have your name, how do you get people to pronounce your name right? How many times have you been in this situation when you have heard your name mangled, twisted, contorted into something you yourself can barely comprehend? In today’s international business environment, it is exceedingly important to say your clients name correctly, you CANNOT afford to call Dumass, a Dumb-ass. The internet has removed international boundaries and people are making new friends via email and chat every second, would you not want your friends to be able to pronounce your name correctly? Please help by contributing your name and helping others in getting the correct pronunciation.   The purpose of this website is 3-fold:  Lookup pronunciation of a name.     Submit pronuncation of a name so that others can pronounce it correctly.     Request pronunciation of a name that you don’t know and would like to find out. Enjoy, Gary Kramer

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