Grievance Committee is a standing committee that shall be consistent with the cooperative professional standards enforcement agreement of the Association.  Grievance serves as a screening committee of complaints regarding ethics violations against members of the Placer County Association of REALTORS®. (Members of this committee serve for three year staggered terms, unless the term is otherwise specified by the Board bylaws.   Appointees must have worked at least five years as a full time real estate licensee (CA or other state), and have been a REALTOR® of a Board or Association of REALTORS® (the most recent two years must be as a member of this association) or the equivalent, as recognized by the Chair.  Appointees must not have a pending grievance complaint or have been found in violation within the last three years.  This shall be required to hold membership on the committee.

For more information contact staff liaison Trista Gianna at 916-303-7611 /