Loomis residents are dedicated to slow growth so you won’t see sprawling subdivisions.   Once dominated by orchards, Loomis is a semi-rural community today.  Loomis has a mix of low-density residential areas and light industrial businesses in the downtown core.  There is still an old town charm. 

Loomis offers mostly rural properties on large lots and smaller homes in small subdivisions.  Home to the Loomis Basin Horsemen’s Association’s riding arena, the Loomis Basin Community Park on King Road also has nature trails, sports courts, playing fields, and playgrounds.  

Loomis’s Del Oro High School is host the annual Cow Chip Bingo fund-raiser each year and there are jazz concerts, library, music and dance studios, and a golf course.

The big event in town is the Annual Eggplant Festival in the fall and the Celebrity Chef Event in May.  Roadside stands still sell the produce grown in this area.  

(Virtual Tour) of peach orchard  (Virtual Tour) of community park

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