You have always wanted to build your dream home on a hill with views of the mountains on one side and the city lights on the other.  Many of us have a dream like that and have wondered what would be necessary to find the right piece of land, develop the land and build our custom home just the way we want it.

When looking for the land, your Real Estate Agent can help you determine the zoning to see if a home can even be built on your choice of lots.  Is it zoned for residential and can the utilities be hooked up to the property?

If the property is in a rural area, you may have to install a septic tank for your sewage and a well for your water supply.  Certain areas require a “perc test” to determine if the site is suitable for a septic tank.  You may also need a propane tank which needs to be periodically refilled.  

Your new piece of land may not have been “graded” yet so that will have to be completed.  You can buy property that is “builder ready” or a piece of property (raw land) that needs to have everything completed before actual construction of your home can begin.

Your financing for your land and then the construction of the house should be one of the first things you ask your Real Estate Agent to help you with.  Some lenders require 50% down when purchasing land and the loan will most likely be for a shorter period of time than you are used to.  

Now comes the fun part — the planning department and learning about permits and inspections.  You will learn about land use, zoning changes, conditional use permits, architectural and site reviews.  Some buildings may require environmental review because of their size, etc.

Permits are required for any new construction.  The property owners or contractors apply for the building permits.

Your Real Estate Agent can show you and help you purchase the land for your dream home.  She/he can also introduce you to contractors who will build your dream home.

Though the process may be a challenge, remember in the end it is just the way you want it to be.